Lingua Leaders

Lingua Leaders is a personal and conceptual non-profit company created with the intention of reaching out to public schools in order to create a system of bilingual student tutors. The concept comes from personal experiences growing up bilingual and wanting foreign languages to be a greater focus in schools. The program reaches out to bilingual high school students and trains and encourages them to become teachers’ assistants and tutors to aid their peers in the classroom of one of their native languages. Not only does this process celebrate and create leadership opportunities for bilingual students, but also encourages better learning strategies for students learning another language.

The branding and design for this brand is supposed to reflect the sentiments of the program. Teal and a reddish orange tone are the primary colors and are meant to be eye-catching and fun for students. The logo and theme of the main patterns of the brand are meant to evoke speech bubbles, which are a relatively universal way of dignifying speech visually.

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