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As the Marketing Specialist and Graphic Designer at Renaud Consulting, I function as the primary generator of all marketing material. I've been a part of the rebranding process for the company and have created/updated items such as: flyers, brochures, banners, outdoor signage, company gear, postcards, halfsheet and fullsheet ads, etc. Additionally, as the sole marketing position in the office, my role also consists of updating and creating new material for social media and email/newsletter campaigns. I manage a number of social media sites as well as create the graphic content that appears on them.



While working at Spire Communications, I had the pleasure of creating a mission poster design for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), as well as many different social media adverts to help bolster connections and awareness of specific topics relating to health and IT for clients and others. All designs were created with the specific styling guide for ONC in mind.



In my time working with Caveon to help rebrand and reshape aspects of their company branding standards, I’ve had the chance to work on a multitude of different projects. I have recreated one-sheet designs as well as design plenty of social media graphics, banners, infographics and brochures. As the sole designer working with this company to get their design up to standard, I’ve had a lot more freedom to dictate the art direction as well as work closely with my client.



In my time at Spire Communications, I was able to create some simple poster designs as well as variations on social media graphics among other things for Echo360. Their focus on being a video platform for higher education allowed me to get a greater insight into how to design for contributors and innovators of higher ed technology, and the students and teachers who will use them.



Robot Revolution is a museum exhibition currently open at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. The primary goal of this design task was to create a poster design for the exhibit, as well as some promotional material for the exhibit such as tickets and t-shirt designs.



This invitation was created in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the contruction of the known architect Frank Gehry’s home. Situated in Santa Monica, California, the home is very much a tribute to Gehry’s deconstructed and haphazard style. The invitation is meant to imitate both the style of the front of the home, but also include colors and ressemblance to the natural materials constructed in the home.



Lingua Leaders is a personal and conceptual non-profit company created with the intention of reaching out to public schools in order to create a system of bilingual student tutors. The concept comes from personal experiences growing up bilingual and wanting foreign languages to be a greater focus in schools. The program reaches out to bilingual high school students and trains and encourages them to become teachers’ assistants and tutors to aid their peers in the classroom of one of their native languages. Not only does this process celebrate and create leadership opportunities for bilingual students, but also encourages better learning strategies for students learning another language.

The branding and design for this brand is supposed to reflect the sentiments of the program. Teal and a reddish orange tone are the primary colors and are meant to be eye-catching and fun for students. The logo and theme of the main patterns of the brand are meant to evoke speech bubbles, which are a relatively universal way of dignifying speech visually.



Skyline literacy is a local Harrisonburg non-profit organization that was looking to re-brand their logo and poster systems. The organization is focused on both enhancing literacy of the local community, but also providing programs with which they can help community members be on track to gain citizenship and additional help. Their program is very multifaceted and caters to the needs of the community. The logo design is meant to reflect that. The brandmark resembles a book opening to a sunset, however it is also intended to be abstract and interpretative. The posters are designed to be colorful and eye-catching and following the primary color scheme, but they’re also meant to be legible.



This brochure design was created with the intent of being an accessible means of communicating the harmful correlation between excess use of fertilizer in rural and urban communities and water contamination. The brochure opens up with a few flaps giving some background information on the topic at hand. The inner most flaps then open up to a poster of sorts that detail the cycle of eutrophication in local water ways and how that is exacerbated by the overuse of fertilizers. The innermost tab signifies that though the eutrophication process causing excess algal blooms is usually cycled out, if nothing is done to regulate fertilizer usage, it can continue to effect the ecosystem.



Alvin Ailey is an American dance theatre troupe that regularly travels the United States. The design for the poster, bus wrap and tickets was influenced by the group’s unique visuals and usage of costuming to enhance their dancing performance experience. The bright colors reflect their bold clothing choices and movements.

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